Finding Pet-Friendly Apartments in San Francisco

Many people consider their furry companions as family members and would never think of trying to find housing options that would preclude those members. However, finding pet-friendly housing sometimes comes with a few roadblocks. These are not insurmountable, and with just a bit of research and some patience, you and your animal companion will soon be relaxing in style in your new abode.

Finding San Francisco apartments that are pet friendly is just a matter of following a few tips. First, realize that many landlords or property management companies do not allow pets. If you encounter these in either the local newspaper ads or online listings, simply cross them off your list of possibilities.

Here are a few ideas to help you find that perfect apartment.

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Real Estate Agents

If your area has real estate agents that specialize in rental properties, these professionals can certainly help you with your search. Make sure that you tell the agent that you are searching for pet-friendly properties, so that he or she knows exactly what you are looking for. Make sure your agent understands the type of pet or pets you have, including breed and size. Many rental properties may be pet friendly, but they may have size restrictions. Also, let the agent know that you are willing to pay a separate pet deposit if necessary.

Online Listings

There are numerous websites that feature property and rental listings that are pet friendly. These sites include and many others. Many of these websites will let you enter search criteria to suit your requirements in finding your perfect apartment. As stated previously, make sure that you enter the type of pet you have so that the search can provide results that match your needs.

Other Tips

You may find that contacting smaller properties, rather than large complexes, will make finding a pet-friendly property easier. These smaller complexes may allow you to negotiate directly with the landlord, rather than a management company.
You may want to consider sending or presenting letters of reference from past landlords about you and your pets. This will let the potential landlord or management company know that you have a good past record of pet responsibility.
Make sure to let the potential landlord know that you are more than willing to pay an additional pet deposit. Offering a higher monthly rental amount may also help sway a landlord to allow your pet.
Finding a pet-friendly apartment doesn’t have to be difficult. With just a few extra minutes of search, you and your pet will soon be settling into your new home.

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