How to make your own lanterns

Lanterns are perfect for use in both your home and garden. They provide a warm glow when all around its cold and dark. You can place them on your windowsills or dinner table to create an atmosphere or hang them from trees in your garden if you are having a party. Lanterns are really easy to make and can be as simple or as creative as you like. There are so many different types of lanterns but I’m going to introduce you to the glass jar and tin can lantern today.

Glass jar lanterns

For a basic hanging lantern all you need is a clean glass jar and some garden or jewellery wire. If your jar had a screw top lid then it will have ridges around the top. Wrap your wire around the ridges twice and then bend it upwards to a 90 degree angle to begin to form your handle. Bend the wire across the glass jar to make the handle shape and then secure it by wrapping the leftover wire around the ridges another couple of times. Snip off any excess wire. All you then need to do is pop a tea light candle into your lantern. If you want something that is a little brighter and more decorative try painting patterns onto your glass jar with glass paint or tying ribbons around the jar.

Both of these ideas are simple and affordable. Lanterns can also be made with a Christmas theme and taken with you when you go carol singing. Enjoy!

Bio: Vicky works alongside Fusion Living and has a passion for crafts and hand-made home d├ęcor.

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