Family-friendly Home Décor

Decorating your home in a way that makes family members and friends feel comfortable can be challenging – you want your home to look good but be functional and often those two goals are difficult to accomplish together. When you see pictures of beautiful bedrooms decorated with exquisite bedding and window treatments it may seem at odds with the no-nonsense dorm and toddler bedding you know is necessary in your home. The same holds true for those fancy spa-like bathrooms – when you are faced with the need to child-proof medicine and vanity cabinets it can seem a lot less glamorous and not really practical to have a magazine-worthy bathroom.


That said, you can still enjoy an attractive and functional home if you focus on keeping it clean and clutter free. This means that storage and organization are key; take a look at the many creative storage options on the market today and you will realize how important organization really is. Begin with the bedroom – there are under-bed storage containers designed to hold little-used items such as spare bedding, seasonal clothing or even holiday decorations; just remember if something is going to be stored under the bed it really should be the kind of thing you only need to access once or twice a year. Bed risers help to elevate the bed a few more inches so you can store larger and more bulky items.

There are many racks designed to hang over the door; this is another great way to create extra storage space. Look for hampers that can also serve as seating and use plastic laundry baskets to store everything from stuffed animals and toys to towels and bedding. By using an array of plastic laundry baskets you can teach younger children how to put things ways and begin a habit of picking up after themselves.

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Unknown said...

That is a great idea about using those over the door hangers and stuff for storage space! We live in an apartment and have no storage to speak of in our master bathroom. If it wasn't for an over the door towel rack, I'd not really know what to do!

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